USA: Anthrax-Zwangsimpfung in der Kritik

(ht) Die Anthrax-Impfung, für US-Soldaten eine Pflicht, gerät zunehmend in die Kritik. Bisher wurden 23 Todesfälle und hunderte, evtl. sogar tausende Erkrankte auf die Impfung zurückgeführt. Mit einem Kommentar von Barbara Loe Fisher. (engl.)

"The Pentagon is reviving its mandatory anthrax vaccinations despite allegations that the shots have contributed to as many as 23 deaths and sickened hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of soldiers....The Pentagon has been rocked by criticism that it has failed to adequately track whether the shots have caused diseases. Indeed, as occurred with Francis, many soldiers are injected with several vaccines on the same day, making it harder to identify the cause of illnesses....Col. Randall Anderson, who runs the Military Vaccine Agency, said the Pentagon believes health risks from the anthrax vaccine "are equal to those of other vaccines" that cause illnesses in only a tiny percentage of those vaccinated.....Numerous public health experts believe BioThrax causes a range of problems, particularly among women and people prone to autoimmune diseases. They list Guillain-Barre, which can kill or paralyze; other neurological disorders; diabetes; arthritis; chronic fatigue syndrome; chronic muscle and joint pain; respiratory ailments; vision problems; memory loss, and depression....The afflicted soldiers blame their government...."
McClatchy Washington Bureau, 22. Dez. 2006

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:

The M.D./Ph.D. government health officials employed by the Departments of Defense and Health and Human Services continue to try to cover-up the casualties of anthrax vaccinations forced on U.S. soldiers. The young military recruits, who enlist in America's all-volunteer military forces, are among the strongest and healthiest members of society. Far too many are pushed into poor health after being injected with multiple vaccines, including the notoriously reactive anthrax vaccine, after they become soldiers.

Meryl Nass, M.D., Medical Director for NVIC's Military and Biodefense Vaccine Project (MBVP), has treated more than 500 seriously ill men and women, whose health problems began shortly after being injected with anthrax vaccination during military service. She has been in contact with many hundreds more who have reported permanent brain and immune system dysfunction.
Whether in a civilian or military setting, government health officials continue to cover-up, deny and minimize the casualties of vaccination. For more information about anthrax vaccine and other military vaccines, go to

NVIC-Newletter vom 29. Dez. 2006