HPV-Impfzwang: Empfindliche Niederlage für Impflobbyisten

(ht) Am 13. März 2007 erlitten die Lobbyisten für einen Impfzwang für Schulmädchen gegen HPV eine erste deutliche Niederlage: Mit 119 zu 21 Stimmen hob das Parlament des US-Bundesstaates Texas eine Anweisung des Gouverneurs Perry wieder auf. Mit einem Kommentar von Barbara Loe Fisher.

Since we don't consider our children alley cats or any danger to public health, we reserve the right to make decisions about each and every invasive medical procedure including all vaccines. Kentucky politicians must think we are too inept to be granted that right as parents. Now that Kentucky legislators are allowed to behave like Stalin in promoting corporate agendas for non-contagious diseases, the ball is rolling downhill for intrusion into all realms of personal choice. Since Kentucky schools are no longer an option for my children to return to, I intend to move out of state with them." - Doreen Carlson, Central Kentucky News-Journal

"We are not against vaccine availability, just vaccine mandates," says Fisher. While she concedes that every state but two has some kind of opt-out clause for parents who object to the vaccine for health, religious, moral or ethical reasons, she says parents who refuse immunization are harassed. "Your name goes on a state list. You get harassing calls from the CDC for your views on vaccines. Some families get thrown off health insurance plans, thrown out of their pediatricians' offices, thrown out of public schools — or parents are put in a room and grilled by officials about the depth of their religious convictions on this." - Karen Houppert, The Nation, also CBS News.com

"With such widespread HPV infection, a vaccination plan might seem like a reasonable idea. The issue takes on a special significance in our home because we have a 13-year-old daughter. But while we did conclude that the vaccine is right for our daughter, I think the decision to vaccinate a child with this particular vaccine should be made by the patient, her parents and their doctor. Not the state." - Benjamin Brewer, M.D., Wall Street Journal

Barbara Loe Fisher Commentary:

The intense public debate about whether the state should force parents to inject their adolescent daughters with a poorly tested and potentially unsafe vaccine to prevent an infection that cannot be transmitted in the public setting rages on while legislators in 36 states either fast track, amend, table, withdraw or rescind HPV vaccine mandates.

In Texas, the House of Representatives today voted 119 to 21 to prohibit an HPV vaccine mandate in Texas, effectively rescinding Rick Perry's Feb. 2 Executive Order mandating the vaccine for girls entering sixth grade (for more information on what is happening in Texas, go to www.vaccineinfo.net )

In Virginia and New Mexico, legislators have recently sent HPV vaccine mandates to their Governor's desks for signing.

In Kentucky, Colorado, California, Maryland and other states, HPV vaccine mandate legislation is either on a fast track, tabled, amended or withdrawn. (To find out what your state is doing, go to www.nvic.org, click on "HPV Infection and Gardasil" on the homepage and then click on "Check Proposed HPV Vaccine Mandates in Your State")

The majority of Americans do not want state governments forcing their 11 year old daughters to get three doses of HPV vaccine in order to attend sixth grade. Most Americans support the availability of the HPV vaccine with no cost or access barriers to those parents who want their daughters to get the vaccine but they do not support HPV vaccine mandates.

America's mandatory vaccination system is in critical need of reform. The National Vaccine Information Center has been working for 25 years to institute safety and informed consent protections in America's vaccination system. It is time for federal and state public health officials, the pharmaceutical industry and physician organizations to listen to the people. A system that will not bend will break.

Quelle: NVIC-Newsletter vom 13. März 2007 




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